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Today, cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing spheres of the investment market. Stable demand that has been clearly visible lately and the fact that Cryptocurrencies are starting to carry great lucrative value in the real world and some places even accept cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services, largely determined the business focus of WolfsCapital Limited. Ten years ago, 'cryptocurrency' was a sparsely used word.

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Referral and Affiliate Commission

5% Regular

For direct referrals you will get 5% interest
on the amount deposited by the referral.

6% 3% 1% Representative

For direct referrals you will get 6%. For second level
you will get 3%. For third level you will get 1%

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WolfsCapital Limited offers
unique short term plans for
our valuable investors.

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Our clients enjoy payouts without any
unnecessary waiting time. WolfsCapital Limited offers fast withdrawal
facility to our investors.

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Our team's extensive research and
updates have helped WolfsCapital
Limited to provide the best
guaranteed returns to you.


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